How Simple Clean Solves YOUR Problems

At Simple Clean, we guarantee to offer value, reliability, and consistency to all our clients.

We offer a vast choice of commercial cleaning services from regularly scheduled cleanings to last minute cleaning. Our services are designed to maintain the upkeep of your premises and include carpet cleaning. We can also perform thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms.

We are bonded and insured to guarantee the best quality services. Each of our team members is rigorously trained in our cleaning methods and fully supervised to ensure that we can meet or even exceed your expectations.

While you and your team may have a wealth of experience and expertise, your offices also need to reflect this level of professionalism.

Fortunately, the Simple Clean team is here to help. We specialize in office cleaning in New Jersey to ensure that your offices are a pristine representation of you.

If you operate a medical office, it is essential to go beyond creating a clean and pleasant area. When a medical office is not properly cleaned, it can harbor dangerous germs that could make visitors sicker. Simple Clean is experienced in the needs of medical offices and are here to help.

Spotless Waiting Areas

In most offices, the waiting area creates a lasting first impression.

This is the area that greets your potential clients, so it needs to exude reassurance and confidence. Unfortunately, as such a high traffic area, carpets and furniture can start to look grubby, and surfaces can get a little sticky.

Fortunately, the Simple Clean team can ensure that your waiting area is spotless.

Our experienced team members can handle all of your waiting area cleaning needs from clearing garbage to deep cleaning carpets, so that any potential client will feel welcomed into your office.

Public Washrooms

Another area that can quickly look neglected is your public washrooms, so it is crucial that your washroom looks clean and hygienic.

Whether your restrooms are used by everyone in the office or reserved for clients, our team will ensure that your facilities are regularly cleaned to look spotless.

This will allow your facilities to reflect your high standards and professionalism.

General Cleaning

The Simple Clean team can also provide general cleaning throughout your offices.

This will ensure that surfaces are free of dust and smudges, kitchen areas are tidied, and carpets are cleaned. This will not only create a good impression on your clients and potential clients, but also boost the productivity of your team.

No one enjoys working in a dirty and neglected office, so ensuring that your offices are clean and tidy will help to improve your company culture and promote productivity.

In some office types, we understand the need to go deep. When sweeping and emptying the trash can doesn't cut it, we ensure your offices are hygienic and sanitized but also help you to remain compliant within regulatory body standards; thus helping to avoid potentially expensive fines.

Strip and wax VCT, Residential and Commercial Carpet Shampooing/Odor extraction/Dirt extraction

Naturally, most Commercial Cleaning services have the extra services such as carpet shampooing, extraction, strip and wax jobs, and floor buffing. Lot’s of competition out there, which is why we’re going a different way, a transparent way.

What’s the point of telling you everything you’ve seen already, a thousand different times. We literally have no clue.

Yes, we do offer residential carpet cleaning AND commercial services, and we do them professionally. It’s really not even us doing the work, it’s actually all in the machine.

So, what we really want to tell you is that we’re not the “greatest carpet guys, or strip and wax company”. Anyone can be great at moving a stupid machine around.

We’re here to tell you that we have a culture, and community, a certain pride in this company which actually prohibits sub-par work from happening.

You see, it’s never about being skilled at something, it’s about how much you want it, how much passion you have to make something great happen.

That’s what Simple Clean is, and that reflects our work on all types of floor cleaning.

So, yeah, we do all types of flooring for both your business AND your home, call us ASAP. That’s all we got to say about dat.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Regular cleaning is also crucial to create a healthy work environment for your team.

Our cleaning crew will eliminate the dust and other debris that can easily compromise your indoor air quality. Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality can create a number of issues from triggering allergies to causing sore throats, headaches, and other flu like systems.

This can not only affect your clients visiting your offices, but also your team. Improving the air quality and creating a healthy work environment will not only reduce the number of employee sickness days but also help your team to feel happier and healthier.

Poor indoor air quality can impact mood, motivation and productivity, so ensuring your offices are properly cleaned can offer some fantastic team benefits to improve your overall productivity and efficiency.

Increasing Your Profitability

In the highly competitive marketplace, many business owners are looking at ways to streamline costs, but cutting corners on your cleaning can actually compromise your profits. Showing your team, clients, and visitors that you care about your premises will encourage them to feel comfortable.

While using a specialty commercial cleaning service may sound expensive, it can actually provide a surprising return on your investment.

A visitor who is happy with their service is more likely to share experiences with their family and friends. This will bring you invaluable referrals that will increase your profitability.

However, if a visitor is greeted with poor conditions including dust on surfaces, cobwebs in the corners, smudged windows and dirty restrooms, you’re not only likely to lose them as a patient, but also any potential referrals of their family members and friends.

Referrals make a huge difference when it comes to new clients, and if your visitors find the cleanliness of your office lacking, they are not likely to share positive reports.


While it may seem cheaper to task your team with your office cleaning, it is actually counterproductive.

Your team is paid to perform specific duties and asking them to clean at the end of the day or throughout their shift is likely to result in a poorly cleaned office.

Expecting your untrained team to clean your office thoroughly will take far longer than highly trained cleaning professionals.

Additionally, when you consider the cost of the hourly wages of your team and compare it to hiring specialty cleaners, you may be surprised at the outcome.

Although budget is important, hiring professional cleaners will ensure that your offices are safe for your patients and staff.

You can avoid all the potential pitfalls of poor cleaning experiences by teaming up with Simple Clean.

Our team has access to innovative cleaning technology to provide fantastic results. With services such as our carpet cleaning, you can enjoy a deeper clean, which means that you will be able to clean your carpets less frequently and it can help extend the lifespan of your carpet.

So if you are in need of commercial cleaning services in New Jersey, be sure to speak to the Simple Clean team.

Our team members would be delighted to discuss your cleaning requirements and arrange a tailored plan to meet your needs.